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22 June

Bob demonstrated half milano and birdseye double jacquard as part of our "fairisle" themed month. 

Dates for your diary:

Workshops - July 12th and August 9th, 10am-4pm. Please put your name down with Sheila

Xmas lunch date is 5th December, places are limited to 12. Cost will be about 17.50. Please put your name down with Sheila if you would like to go. 

The last meeting of the year (July 6th) is our summer social. Please bring along a food or drink item to share. There will be a raffle in aid of LOROS, please bring a raffle item if you have one. 

Finally, congratulations to Joy who won both the Fiskerton award and the Creativity cup for her waistcoat, which was entered into the Guild's annual challenge (kindly modelled here by my next door neighbour). 


18 May

Sheila demonstrated how to press a garment, using iron and pillowcase, and Joy demonstrated her linker.

We will be having two workshop days, on July 12th and August 9th. Activities to be announced. 

We have been asked if we would like to help knit poppies for a WW2 remembrance event at St Mary's in Warwick. They need as many as possible, so let's get knitting! Jane is happy to take any poppies and drop them off at the church.

Poppy - machine-knit standard and chunky gauge versions

Poppy - chunky version for Bond

Poppy - crochet version (PDF)

Poppy - knitted version 1 (PDF)

Poppy - knitted version 2 (PDF)

Poppy - knitted version 3 (Hobbycraft) (PDF)

16 February

Note: Next weds (22nd Feb) is a workshop day, 2 for the day, starting at 10am. We will be swatching for the Guild challenge pattern. 

Sue Booth workshop - 22nd Mar - will be on holding position

Leicester Quilters will be having their annual exhibition March 18th and 19th. See here for more information - proceeds to charity. 

We had some fun messing around with various rib fabrics, and Jane demonstrated various cast ons and cables to a new member. 

17 November

We had a fun evening measuring ourselves for the January meeting where we will be looking at shaping and getting garments to fit.

Bob circulated a copy of the 2017 programme. It has been decided to cover one subject a month in a comprehensive way, thus giving a bit of meat to each meeting. We hope you will approve.

31 October

We had a smashing two days at the Big Textile show and had a lot of interest in our garments on display. Many thanks to all who helped with the show, and apologies for the rotten pictures I took of it!

More photos here

20 October

There are 2 tickets (11 each) remaining for the NEC trip on Thursdsay November 3rd, which we will be running a minibus to. Please contact the secretary if you would like to come along and have not yet put your name down.

The annual xmas meal is 17 a head, Tuesday December 6th 12pm, please see Sheila to prebook your menu choices if you have not already done so.

We had our annual competition this evening, and there were a wealth of garments to chose from although possibly more handknit and crochet than machine knit. The winners were as follows:

Handicraft misc: 
1st Thelma - Crochet shawl in autumn shades

Handicraft adult cardigan/jacket:
1st Jackie - blue crochet shawl
2nd Bob - grey cabled cardigan
3rd Thelma - sparkly cardigan in self-striping yarn

MK adult cardigan/jacket:
1st Joy - grey cardigan with teal and black fairisle bands
2nd Carol - blue/beige jacket
3rd Hedi - cream jacket

Handicraft adult sweaters:
1st Bob - blue fairisle jumper

MK adult sweaters:
1st Bob - brown jumper
2nd Carol - purple sweater

Handicraft childrens:
1st Ruth - rainbow cardigan and hat
2nd Thelma - green and yellow cardigan and hat

MK childrens:
1st Sue - yellow cardigan

MK misc:
1st Carol - blanket

MK skirts and suits:
1st Pat - blue skirt suit*

Hats from "card 3":
1st Carol - pink and white fairisle
2nd Bob - blue beret with white knitweave band
3rd Joy - brown hat

*Overall winner was Pat with the blue skirt suit. She was not present to receive her prize. Many thanks to all who entered, and thanks also to Sally for judging for us. She said she had a hard time choosing. Certificates will be handed out at the next few meetings. Pictures of the entries are in the gallery.

15 September

We had our annual AGM today. Celia announced she would be standing down from the committee completely, and we thank her for her sterling work for the club. Bob now takes up the role of Chairman, and Sue is to be the Vice Chairman. Sheila will now become the club secretary, and Jean continues to offer her services as our treasurer. She will be shadowed by Joy in this capacity. We have one new committee member, Jacqui, to replace Celia. The subscription to the club of 2 is to stay the same for this year (2016-17). The treasurer's report indicated that the club continues to have a good bank balance and as many talks and trips are partly or wholly funded by the club, it continues to be very good value for money. Many thanks to all on the committee for their tireless efforts in running the club. 

The club will continue to meet every 3rd Thursday 7-9pm; the evening situation will be reassessed regarding 2017. The daytime club will continue to meet 10.30-12.30 (slightly earlier) on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. The programme has yet to be agreed for 2017 (the proposed dates are on the programme page). Please put your thinking caps on for subjects you would like to see next year. All suggestions welcome. 

We also plan to attend the NEC show Dec 3rd to 6th, we will be organising a minibus for Thursday 3rd. If you wish to attend please put your name down with the club secretary. Likewise we plan to attend the Nottingham show in April 2017, which will be the last time it runs alas. 

Our next meeting (October 20th) is the hat competition, please knit a hat using card 309 (Stitchworld) or card 3 - this is a 3x1 tuck card with 3 or 4 rows tucking. Sally Sharman is to judge. 

We raised over 60 at Joy's "At home" event for the "Warner Brothers Wish to Walk" campaign. Many thanks to all for your generosity. 

16 June - Summer party

We had our annual summer buffet party, where everyone brings food to share. As of September, we will be running the evening meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month only. Our next meeting is the AGM, which is September 15th. Please see the programme page for more details, the remainder of the 2016 programme is now available. 

2 June - Joy's "At home"

This year Joy held her "at home" during the afternoon thinking that the weather would be more conducive for sitting out in the garden.  Good old British weather - it was more like November than the beginning of summer, and we ended up inside with the heating on!  However that didn't deter us, and we enjoyed a good old natter over cups of tea and homemade cakes (not always on the subject of machine knitting!).

This year Joy was raising money for 3 year old twin boys who have spastic aplegia  (a type of cerebral palsy) and are unable to walk. There is an operation available that will make this possible but their parents need to raise 100,000 as it is not available on the NHS. Joy's husband is a wood turner and made a yarn bowl as the main raffle prize and there was jewellery, pens and cards for sale. Due to the generosity of our members we managed to raise 160 for this worthy cause as well as having a good social afternoon.

Joy would like to thank everybody for their effort and support.

25 May - Bob's Tunic workshop


Six of us attended and it  was very informative and good fun. All of us managed to knit a garment using sideways knitting and the technique we used to insert the sleeves was a real "light bulb moment". To say that the resulting garments needed a bit of tweaking might be an understatement, but we all went home feeling that we could use the idea in lots of ways.

19 May

Joy showed us some lovely samples of tuck lace, and then she demonstrated one for us on the punchcard machine. 
The next Thursday meeting (2nd June) is Joy's "at home" from 2pm where she will be selling small items to raise money for some young relatives with cerebral palsy. 
27 April - Sue Booth workshop
From Joy: "We had a really good day with Sue and she covered a wide range of techniques with 5 different versions of tuck stitch using the same punch card. She also showed us how to knit a very pretty pocket fancy raglan using the holding position flat rib and many finishes and trims. I think we all returned home feeling inspired and I hope that some of the techniques will appear in our annual competition."

21 April
Bob kindly showed us a way of creating "cheat" cables by knitting two columns and then sewing them up in a special way. He used a different coloured thread in this example so it can be seen. 
We have two new workshops coming up in May and June, please see the programme page for more details.  
3rd March
There are some MK items for sale from Jean Talbot's estate. Please contact the committee if you are interested. 
We had our annual mini-competition - this year's challenge was to knit a scarf. We had a lovely selection of entries, including some beautifully draping tuck lace scarves, and some that were a combination of techniques e.g. machine knit and crochet combined. Sheila won first prize with her hairpin lace scarf; everyone got mini chocolate eggs as commiseration prizes. Many thanks to Michelle for doing the judging.
We also had a small selection of garments for our regular "show and tell" spot. The boy's jumper (in green) is so cute and has some lovely cabling around the neck. The handbag is not part of the show and tell :)
18th February
There will be a Sue Booth workshop on April 27th, 10-4pm. Topic to be announced.
29th January
From September 2016 (the new programme), it has been decided that we will drop one of the evening meetings, and will only meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The daytime meetings will run 2nd and 4th Wednesday 10.30-1pm until June 2016 and will be continued if they remain popular. The Wednesday meetings will be less structured. The situation will be reviewed at the next AGM in September. 
21st January
Jane gave us an interesting demonstration of various kinds of double-bed jacquard, including a reversible version where the ribber needles are hand-selected. The demo was somewhat cut short by one of the capacitors in the machine blowing up and producing some rather acrid smoke! Bob has taken the machine home for some TLC.
Important news - it has been decided to cancel the 17th March meeting, as we will be running the minibus to the Birmingham NEC show that day. The programme has been updated accordingly. 
7th January 2016
Happy New Year to all our members, past and present. Our last meeting raised 24 via the Christmas card donations for Loros. Sue gave us an excellent demo of her garter carriage, which cast on and did a little bit of 3x3 rib. Lists have been started for the Birmingham and Nottingham shows; please contact Joy to put your name down if you wish to be on the minibus (dates on the programme page). The committee has yet to meet to discuss the future meeting schedule, so the programme is as published until further notice. 
17th December 2015
We had our annual xmas pot-luck buffet where we had voting forms to fill in. This is to determine how many meetings to run in future - the daytime meeting has proved very popular, so much so that the evening meeting might well be adversely affected. Also, it makes things more complex logistically (ie collecting monies for trips, communicating between the "two" meetings etc). Carol's hubby very kindly did us a little xmas quiz - I'm still inwardly groaning at "Duvet No Hits Christmas Time"... :) Merry Christmas to all our members, and look forward to seeing you all again on the 7th January. 
3rd December
Important: please note that the Wednesday meetings will now start at 10.30 not 10.00 as of 2016. Next meeting (17th) is our annual Christmas social evening, please bring a food or drink item, and if you'd rather donate to Loros instead of writing lots of Christmas cards to the other members, the donation box will be available.
We only had a small turnout tonight due to bad weather and illness, and there was a mixup with the keys so we couldn't get into the electronic machine, but we carried on regardless. Jane showed us some interesting samples done using the Brother single bed colour changer, and had brought a sheet showing how to work out two-colour maze and mosaic patterns for yourself. We knitted a small swatch with a skull pattern on it! Swatches below - sorry the labels didn't come out due to the flash, they are all from Stitchworld III which is available for download online.
19th November
There was some discussion as to the frequency of meetings, as some members have asked if the Wednesday afternoon meeting could run twice a month. It was decided that we'll have a vote at the last evening meeting of the year (17th Dec) - if you cannot attend, please see Joy so that you can cast your vote in advance. Please note, next month's Wednesday meeting (13th Dec) has been cancelled as the room is being redecorated. 
We are also going to start an enrollment form scheme, so that the club has member's details on file. Please ask for an enrollment form!
Sheila demonstrated using the linker device to cast off some knitting on the Brother. Of course, it worked perfectly the first time, and then refused to cooperate for anyone else. Bob demonstrated using the ribber bed to add extra yarn to produce a looser cast off, and Joy demonstrated the Passap cast off (wrap the needle twice before casting off). 
15th October
It was the night of the annual competition - guess who only remembered that at the weekend, when it was far too late to start anything major? Didn't stop me casting something on, late Tuesday eve though - which is still half-finished! Anyway, enough of my dizziness - we had lots of lovely entries, a selection of which are shown below. I'll add all the names of the winners when I get it, it was all a bit too much for my brain last night! All of the entries will be added to the gallery. Well done to all who entered - there were some lovely techniques and beautiful items, and Sally had a very hard time choosing. The top prize was for the lovely glittery cardigan pictured below. 
Competition results
Machine knitting:
1st - Sue S
2nd - Joyce P
3rd - Pat S
1st - Mary H
2nd - Joy S
3rd - Joy S
1st - Sheila J
1st - Carole A
2nd - Carole A
3rd-  Carole A
1st - Sue S
2nd - Pauline H
Hand knitting:
1st  - Thelma S
2nd - Bob M
3rd - Jacqui B
1st  -  Pauline H
2nd  - Olga B
3rd - Thelma S
1st  - Mary H
2nd - Olga B
3rd - Thelma S
1st - Jane H
2nd - Bob M
3rd - Bob M
BEST IN SHOW  -  Pauline H
We are going to trial a monthly afternoon session on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, to run from 10am - 1pm. Please see the programme for more details. We hope to welcome beginners and improvers to master the basic techniques on their knitting machines, as well as regular members. Do come along and join us if you can! 
We may also move the Jan and Feb meetings to the summer months, this was discussed at the AGM and is to be advised. Check the programme for updates. 
Recent news
Age Concern are again asking for knitted hats for Innocent Smoothies. These little hats are a great use for tiny amounts of leftover yarn. Free machine knitting pattern here
We raised 47 for LOROS at our recent "at home" event at Joy's house. Many thanks to all who contributed. 
Charity knitting
It's easy to lose interest if you've been knitting a long time, and sometimes it's nice to knit a small item to try out a new technique. There are many charities requesting knits, these are just a few ideas. Jane is happy to accept donated items for any of these charities listed below.
"There are now 1.8 million refugees in Kurdistan who have fled ISIS and civil war from neighbouring Syria and Iraq. Last Winter 6 thousand refugees died of cold.

As winter approaches the need for warm clothing and blankets is huge. We have found a reliable way to deliver your generously donated knitting to those in need. (We take care to ensure the deliveries are not stolen en route or held up at the borders till huge ransoms are paid). It matters to us, and we know it matters to you that your knitting gets to those who need it.

So please get your needles busy, to literally help save lives.

We also want warm clothes for those in need in the UK and abroad: chilly grannies; school children; babies; teenagers, and, of course, Twiddlemuffs to help dementia patients. In fact, whatever you make we can find a home for.

Have you got any spare needles, yarn or other knitting related paraphernalia? We are always on the look out for these as we can then use them in our work with marginalised sections of society, for example in prisons, to help set up new groups and keep the needles clacking!"
Romanian orphanages - ages 0 to 8
  • Jumpers, hats, mitts, scarfs, socks, comfort blankets and soft toys for toddlers
  • Small jackets, bonnets, mitts, bootees and blankets for babies.
Newlife foundation for disabled children
  • Donations can be anything the charity can sell on eg knitted items, handmade cards etc
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